“One Kind Word Can Warm Three Winter Months”
“Kind Words Can Be Short And Easy To Speak, But Their Echos Are Truly Endless”

Staff is a critical factor in determining the quality of care in hospital and the nature of patient outcomes hence we have Twenty-four hour Staff care who is one of the distinctive hallmarks of inpatient care in the Phoenix Hospital. Staff care in hospitals takes on added importance today because increase in acuity of patients requires intensive nursing care.

Phoenix Hospital offers a clear and better environment that encourages growth in a chosen specialization and the opportunity to provide patients with the best care possible. Nursing Staff in Phoenix Hospital is highly involved in the implementation of a complementary medicine program. We have a proper Nursing Process in the Phoenix Hospital Nursing Care Plan which helps in providing the care and the quality in terms of Patient Outcomes.

In Phoenix Hospital, we have a wide Staff Lobby who continuously works in the well-being of Patient. Phoenix Hospital has more than 150+ Staff including all the categories who give their best in determining the quality of care in hospital and the nature of patient outcomes. We have
50+ Nurses,
20+ Ward Boys,
10+ Persons in Pathology Section,
15+ Persons in Pharmacy,
8+ in Reception,
10+ taking care as OPD Attendant,
5+ as in Operation Theater, and,
5+ in Administration.
And, around 15+ Security Guards are taking care of the Hospital Security heading by the Security Supervisor.

We have a Following Duties of our Staff which is being taking care of by them in their best possible way:-
• Admission and Discharge of Patient.
• Assistance & Instructions to Patient or their attendants in terms of their diagnose or medical related know-how.
• Rounds with Doctors.
• Giving and Receiving Reports.
• Escorting Patients to and from Departments.
• Recording of Medicines & Injection Given.
• Hourly Prescriptions.
• Training to the New Nurses and Staff of their Respective Fields.
• Participation in Nursing Professional Seminars and Camps.
• Taking Care of Patient Safety and their Diagnose.