Quality And Safety !

At Phoenix Hospital, a dedication to quality and patient safety is embedded in everything, we do. We continuously take care of the Patient and measure our performance in order to improve our dedication towards the care, we provide to the Patient.

We Aim to Identify, quantify and lessen medical error and suboptimal care.
We Care in providing the best possible outcomes and partnering with you and your family to make your experience exceptionally unbelievable and outstanding in terms of Medical Treatment. We work hard every day to improve the way we care for patients and families.

We Measure our Quality and Safety in several terms given below :–
• Treatment with super specialist doctors in the entire eastern UP.
• Round the Clock Availability of the Junior and Senior Doctors and the Consultants.
• Preventing Mistakes.
• Providing Hygienic Environment.
• Eliminating the facets as per the Feedback of the Patient and the Visitors.
• Strengthening the Staffs’ Education towards the Quality of the Patient.
• Ensuring in taking care of Environmental damages by implementing the Solar Panel, Water Treatment Plant, etc.
• Safety Medication Process.
• Ensuring in providing the highly skilled staff for the better treatment of the Patient.
• We work on Hire and Train Module so that the Staff will be well educated and perfectly skilled in their respective field.
• Training in Behavioral and the Etiquettes Management to the Staff in ensuring the behavior and the Politeness towards the Patient and the Visitors.
• Reviewing the Performance through key measurement and the Monitoring Parameters.
• Ensuring the proper follow up of the Code and Conduct of the Hospital.
• Ensuring the Best Possible Treatment and the Care of the Patient.
• Every Floor has the Reception with the Security Guard so that the Hospital should be protected from the Un-wanted Species.