Dialysis Unit !

Dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with kidney failure. Dialysis is used for those with an acute disturbance in kidney function (acute kidney injury, previously acute renal failure) or progressive but chronically worsening kidney function. Dialysis may be used for very sick patients who have suddenly but temporarily, lost their kidney function (acute renal failure) or for quite stable patients who have permanently lost their kidney function. Dialysis is an imperfect treatment to replace kidney function because it does not correct the endocrine functions of the kidney.

Phoenix Hospital has 8 bedded Dialysis Unit which is governed by the highly specialized team of Senior Consultants, Consultant and the Doctors. We provide individualised haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure. Our primary goal is to ensure a safe procedure with the best possible therapeutic outcome. We ensure to achieve optimum well being to promote quality of life and to enable transplantation, if possible.

Dr. Gupta is the Senior Consultant in the Nephro Department who takes care of the Kidney Patient. All the nephro doctors are govern under him and work in the guidance of his procedure. The Dialysis Unit is totally govern by him and his aim is to achieve a safely and healthy procedure with the best outcome.