PICU - Intensive Care Unit !

A Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, usually stated to PICU - is an area within a hospital specializing in the care of critically ill infants, children, and teenagers.

Phoenix Hospital has 6 bedded PICU which is directed by senior pediatric consultant and staffed by doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists who are specially trained and experienced in pediatric intensive care. Phoenix Hospital has highly trained nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physiotherapists on PICU staff. PICU at Phoenix Hospital uses complex technology and equipment which includes mechanical ventilators and patient monitoring systems.

PICU at Phoenix Hospital runs 24*7*365 days with following services:-
• We care for seriously ill, injured or ventilated children.
• We care for children post Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery, Neonatal Surgery and Fetal Surgery, Pediatric Gastro-Intenstinal Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Plastic Surgery and Pediatric Neuro-Surgery.
• We care on a Philosophy of family-centered care which ensures that you will get up-to-date information about your child’s condition which makes to feel the Parent a hassle free environment.