Procedure For Admission of Patients !

1. Patient Admission can be done in any Ward or ICU or Emergency Ward depending on the condition of the Patient.

2. Patient or their attendants have to report at the reception for the Enquiry or the OPD.

3. The Front Desk Executive will fill the form and deposit it according to the class of the Admission and take your booking.

4. Except for the Emergency Case, the Patient has to get the admission as recommended by the Specialist.

5. We accept only through Cash or Cards Payment. We donot accept the Cheque.

6. Length of the Stay will depend upon the Patient's Disease.

7. Admission directly in the ICU will depend on the availability of the bed and it will be on sharing basis.

8. Bookings of Surgery will be confirmed by the Admission Department, a day before to the Surgery.

9. We need the ID Card, Permanent Address Proof or the Aadhar Card of the Patient or any of the close relation subordinate who are accompanying the Patient to the Hospital.

10. The Hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables.

11. Bring your Toiletries, Slippers and other necessary belongings which will be requiring as per the necessity.

12. The Bed Charges is calculated from 12 Noon to 12 Noon irrespective of the time of the Admission.

13. The Charges of the Bed or the Taxes may get revised without any prior Notification.

14. Bed Upgraded or the Downgraded may affect your Billing.

15. Booking Amount will be deposited at the time of the Admission as per the Norms of the Class of Admission and subject to failing this, Hospital Administration will not be responsible.

16. All the Billings and the Money Collection is totally done by the Billing Department and its your responsibility to deposit the money only at the Billing Department. Hospital Administration will not be taking responsibility of any money infraudent.

17. All the Admission is done as per the Hospital Terms and Conditions and failing to that, Hospital Administration will not be responsible for it.

18. Any Legal Case or Hearing will be heard in the Jurisdiction of Honorable High Court, Allahabad.

19. Please help us to keep the Hospital clean and noise free as this will help your Patient and others to recover fastly.

20. Only 1 Person with the patient is allowed to stay in the Hospital.