Mandatory Guidelines for Patients !

1. At Phoenix Hospital, Patient gets a comfortable and smooth process for the OPD or the Admission without being biased to any of them.

2. We don’t discriminate anyone on the basis of any religion, caste, color, nationality, disability, age, sex or any other thing and gives a safe environment to everyone.

3. We treat our Patients with respect and courtesy being non-judgmental or by any special preferences or cultural needs that influences the Patient Illness.

4. We give our Patient a friendly environment in terms of understanding their illness or their problems, a proper consultancy team is there to help them.

5. We inform the Patient of their illness and the diagnosis and do take care of their illness under the consideration of the proper specialist as per the availability in the Hospital.

6. We direct the Physicians, Doctors, Consultants and the Staffs to be fully informed of the Medical Care that are understandable by him/her.

7. We inform the Patient about the risk or the side effect of the proposed treatment of their Illness.

8. We refuse the treatment at any point if the Patient or their attendants ask to stop or the consequences of the illness or treatment have been explained.

9. We inform the Patient if there will be any change in the Patient Clinical Conditions.

10. We inform the Patient if there will be any financial implications or changes appear during the Treatment of the Patient.