Phoenix Hospital = = Prayag Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is owned by Phoenix Hospital, Allahabad. We are strongly committed to individual’s right to privacy, hence we have drawn out a privacy statement with regard to the information we collect from individuals or its users. Phoenix Hospital maintains the Privacy of your Medical Information and to provide you the written Notice of Privacy Rights and Practices.

1. We reserve the Rights of changing the Policy and Privacy anytime and make the new provisions effective for all information we maintain from time to time.

2. Your use of this website and its related website shall compromise of any changes of this Policy.

3. Your Health Information may be use or share with our registered Doctors or Nurses or Technicians or other Health Care Professionals involved in taking care of. We may share the information with the outskirts doctors or health care professionals who are involving in diagnosing you and after you’re leaving the hospital, we can give the example or the information while diagnosing the other Patient related to this.

4. The information or the content or the Photos in this Website and the other related Policies and Conditions are governed by and ruled in accordance with the Laws of India and any dispute or miss-interpretation arising out of the use in any form shall be submitted to the Jurisdiction of the Honorable Courts in Allahabad, India for its resolutions.

5. Apart from all this, we may use your Information whether it is received Electronically or Physically or by in any form for our Routine Purposes such as
a. Maintaining Hospital Patient Directory,
b. Reminders for the Appointments,
c. Reminders for the Events,
d. Reminders for the Health Check Ups,
e. Reminders for the Free Vaccinations,
f. Use for the Research,
g. Use for the Seminars and Presentations over your Health and Treatment,
h. Use for the Donations of the Tissues and the Organs,
i. Resolving Disputes and other Lawful Activities,
j. Use for the National Security,
k. For your Family Members.

Complaints: - if you think, your Privacy have been compromised then you may file a complaint with the Hospital by Selecting Complaints/Grievances in Enquiry Page at Enquiry
All complaints will be investigated by the Hospital. You will not be penalized in any way for filing a complaint.

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