Procedure For During Stay !

1. During the stay of the Patient, only 1 Person is allowed to stay with the Patient subject to as per the category of the Room and the Visitors will visit the Patient as per the Visitors Timing.

2. Patient gets admitted in the environment of the related medical department and be attended by the Room Staff, Nurses, Ward Boys and the concerned doctors or specialist.

3. During Stay, the Doctors will take the round as per the necessity and give the orders for the test or the medication as required.

4. Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Tobacco and spitting is strictly prohibited and failing to that will take the necessary action by the Hospital Administration.

5. House Keeping will do their part on alternate days.

6. Keep the Toilets Clean and Dry for your convenience also.

7. The Hospital Administration will not provide the Patient Meals hence it’s the Patient's Attendant responsibility to provide the Meal as per the requirement.

8. No Roadside or unhygienic food is allowed in the Hospital for the Patient, we allow only the Home Made Foods under the governance of the Hygiene Standards.

9. There is a separate department for the Hygiene who takes the responsibility of the Patient's wear and changes it from time to time as per the need.

10. The Hospital provides the clean and washed linen to the Patient and if it is not provided then you can report it to the Hospital Manager for this or to the Head of the Medical Department.

11. Please donot touch any electrical or oxygen or any suction pump equipment for the betterment of your Patient.

12. If you find any fault or problem in any of the Room Equipment, then please report it to the Nurse or the Floor Reception.

13. If there is any monitors driven in the room then donot touch the knobs of the monitors else it will create a problem to the Patient.

14. All the Floors and the corners of the Hospital is covered by the High Resolution Camera and you are being continuously watched by the Hospital Authorities.

15. Please help us to keep the Hospital clean and noise free as this will help your Patient and others to recover fastly.