Procedure For Discharge of Patients !

1. Discharge to the Patient is given only on the advice of their allotted consultant, under the norms of the Hospital.

2. If the Patient will get transfer to the other Hospital or in the concern of any other Doctor then the Patient Attendant or Relative will sign a ‘Discharge Norms Declaration’ and after that the Hospital will not be taking any responsibility of the Patient Conditions or their Health.

3. After Discharge, the Patient gets their Discharge Summary or Card by the Hospital Staff.

4. All the Charges including the Medicine, equipment charges, test, operation charges, medication charges, Bed Charges, Consultant Charges, etc will be added at the final billing and will be paid by the Patient or their Relative.

5. After the Final Deposition, the Patient gets relieve from the Hospital.

6. If there will be any refund then it will be given by the Cheque under the final approval of the Hospital Administration. The Refund Process Time is upto one month.

7. If failing to any deposition, the Patient will not get relieve and an extra staying will be chargeable as per the time and days.

8. The Taxes is applicable as per the Government Norms and is subject to changeable without any further notice.

9. It’s the Patient Attendant’s duty to take care of their belongings and any loss after discharge will not be bearable by the Hospital Administration.

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