Mandatory Guidelines for Visitors !

We know Visitors can be “Good Medicine” for patients. Family members and friends are welcome to visit; however, patient care is our primary concern. We Welcome the Visitors to the Phoenix Hospital under the several favorable conditions.

1. Visitors should maintain the decorum of the Hospital as per the guided norms of the Visitors.

2. Visitors should visit to the Patient as per the Prescribed Time given below:
    6.00 AM to 8.00 AM | 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM | 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM

3. Visitors should maintain a quite environment for the betterment of the Patient and the Hospital.

4. Visitors are asked to keep their shoes or slippers or any dirty material outside of the Patient Room as for the betterment of the health of the Patient.

5. Children below the age of 12 yrs or so are not allowed in the Patient Rooms for the safety of both of them.

6. Do not bring the Eatables or Un- Hygienic foods in the Patient Rooms. Please keep it outside. Only patient Food is allowed in the Patient Room.

7. Visitors Timing is limited as for the safety of the Patients.

8. Visitors are allowed to leave the rooms due to the confidentiality reasons when the Consultants will visit the Patient for the Check Ups or treatments or for tests.

9. All the Visitors are asked to present their Identity Proof at the time of checking and failing to do that, necessary action will be taken by the Security Council of the Hospital so it is advised to all the Visitors to keep their ID Proof with you all the time.

10. Pet Animals are not allowed in the Hospital.

11. Hospital has the Air-Conditioned Waiting Lobby and the OPD Block so it is advised to all the Visitors to wait in that Particular Lobby for the hassle free process.

12. In Case of Fire, use a Fire Staircase for the Exit.

13. Visitors are advised to leave the Hospital after the Visitors Timing over and if any visitor is found strolling in the Hospital, then the necessary action would be taken against him.

14. If the checking is going in the Hospital, then it is a request to all the Visitors to cooperate it with the Security Persons and submit them or their belongings for the search procedure.

15. Visitors are not allowed to bring any kind of alcohol, tobacco or any form of drugs in the Hospital and failing to that and getting caught at the time of checking will be heavily penalized or sending to the Jail under the Honorable Jurisdiction of the Allahabad High Court.